Olight Warrior X TURBO -lovački set

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Olight Warrior X TURBO Hunting Kit

Lovački set 

Domet do 1000m


Lovački set sadrži:

-Olight Warrior X Turbo
-Baterija punjiva tip 21700 5000mAh
-Magnetni USB kabal 1A
-Magnetni mikroprekidač
-Magnetni nosač WM03
-Crveni filter
-Zeleni filter
-Silicon grip prsten
-Vezica oko ruke
-Plastični kofer


Garancija 12 meseci


The Warrior X Turbo Hunting KIT is a new complete set for hunters, among others.
Set comes with the following:
* Warrior X Turbo flashlight rechargeable
* charging cable usb magnetic
* wrist strap * tactical grip ring.
* manual
* X-WM03 magnetic mounting for under or on weapon
* filters red and green
* remote switch magnetic with bayonet locking.length max 70 cm.
* various 3M rubber and velcro fastening straps * 5000mAh HDC battery ORB-217C50.
* IPX8 waterproof
The tactical spotlight from the Olight program. Built to the same high-quality standards as the Warrior X PRO. This spotlight has a very targeted light beam to be able to find targets up to 1000 meters away. Olight has provided the bezel head with a blue tactical stainless steel ring for robustness and possible self-defense. Olight also made the tailcap switch in stainless steel, just like the M2R. Also charging point for the MCC-USB charging cable. Light pattern: spotlight with mirror reflector up to 1000 meters Two light menus to choose: Standard light press 150 Lumen (12.5 hours burn time) Press 1100 Lumen max output for 6.5 min then the lamp switches back to 600 Lumen for 105 min and then to 300 Lumen for 27 min and 150 lumens for 52 min. These values are only based on a fully charged battery and therefore actually reflect the capacity of the battery. Shock resistant up to a drop of 1.5 meters. This flashlight also indicates by means of a vibration signal when the battery is almost empty. At 30% residual energy, the lamp vibrates once every 5 minutes. At 10% residual energy, the lamp vibrates twice a minute. At less than 5% it vibrates six times per minute. The vibration is not audible and is only activated during use or when the lamp is switched on.


· Power: 1,100 Lumens

· Range: 1,000 m

· Power: 5000mAh Rechargeable 21700 battery

· Candela: 250,000CD

· Length: 157 mm

· Bezel diameter: 58 mm

· Body Diameter: 26.2mm

· Weight: 294 gr (With battery)


Olight's Superb Hunting Kit, Warrior X Turbo 1100 Lumens Rechargeable LED Flashlight includes:

· 1 Warrior X Turbo flashlight

· 1 Olight XWM-03 Magnetic Mount

· 1 red filter

· 1 green filter

· 1 rechargeable battery 21700 of 5,000mAh and 3.7V

· 1 MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable

· 1 tactical silicone grip

· 1 lanyard

· 1 user manual


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